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                                                                                       At Financial Solutions we have the expertise and tools to help you navigate the                                                                                 legal obligations of your benefits programs, so you can focus your energy on

                                                                                       running your business and helping your employees succeed.

                                                                                       We’ll remind you of important deadlines, provide you with up-to-date required                                                                                        legal notices for your plan participants, and assist you with your welfare plan                                                                                         document and summary plan description. Is it COBRA you’re wondering                                                                                                   about? We have an in-house team who handles the complete administration                                                                                           of your COBRA and mini-COBRA, including mailing out all required notices and                                                                                       letters.  And because state and federal legislation often changes, we monitor the regulations and let you know of any changes that may impact you as an employer. With the Financial Solutions on your side, you won’t have to wonder whether you’re in compliance.


                                                                                      Have you encountered an HR situation where you wished you had                                                                                                             someone to steer you in the right direction or assure you that you’re in                                                                                                   compliance? That’s why Financial Solutions offers live HR support                                                                                                               through our HR Consulting services. Our human resources                                                                                                                         experts provide employers with help on various topics, like employee                                                                                                       relations, staffing, and employment compliance.  Employee interaction in                                                                                                 the workplace can, at times, become complicated. Our HR Consulting                                                                                                       services take the guesswork out of day-to-day staff operations and HR               compliance issues, so you have time to focus on everything else your job requires of you. Working with Financial Solutions it’s like having an HR consultant on staff.  In addition to having a trusted consultant source to contact, we offer an online HR library with training courses, summaries, and convenient templates for everything from offer letters to severance agreements, so you don’t have to start from scratch.​

*HR Consulting services are not contingent upon the sale of an insurance product.

                                                                                                       Open enrollment doesn’t have to mean messy stacks of paper,                                                                                                                  collecting forms, and the never-ending task of keeping the files in                                                                                                              your cabinet updated. An online system will simplify and streamline                                                                                                          your employee management process from recruitment to                                                                                                                          retirement.  Financial Solutions offers two customize-able online                                                                                                                benefits administration tools … and the best part is that we offer                                                                                                                them to our clients at no additional monthly cost. Using a system will                                                                                                        centralize all your enrollment and benefits data in a single                                                                                                                          place and put powerful reporting and exporting capabilities at your                                                                                                          fingertips. Our Online team will handle your entire system implementation, and once we turn it over to you, we’re available to provide service all year long. We’ll also make updates to your platform at renewal time.

Using an online system also makes sense for employees. An employee portal makes it convenient for your employees to access and manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real time from anywhere. Financial Solutions is here to make benefit and enrollment administration easier for you and your employees.​      

                                                                                                  Providing your employees with added peace of mind can relieve stress,                                                                                                   improve morale, and increase workplace productivity. With voluntary                                                                                                       and disability benefits you can do just that … and at no cost to you as                                                                                                       the employer. Financial Solutions will help ensure that your employees                                                                                                     are covered in the event of something unexpected or if an accident left                                                                                                   them unable to work. Our in-house team of voluntary and disability                                                                                                           specialists will help you select products that complement your current                                                                                                     benefit offerings.  We make adding voluntary and disability benefits to                                                                                                       your benefit offering seamless. Our team will serve as a single point of                                                                                                     contact on all products, so you don’t have to coordinate with several                                                                                                         different carriers. Our specialists will get quotes and help you find the

best fit for your employees. Once decisions have been made, our team will take it from there. With face-to-face enrollment meetings or individual sit downs, we educate your employees and make the enrollment process simple.

We will completely service all of the products we put in place for your employees. This includes answering questions, processing claims, and even billing support. Financial Solutions helps you provide peace of mind and income protection for your company’s biggest asset: your employees.

As an employer, did you know that the workplace is one of the best places to promote healthy habits? There are many benefits to having a healthy workforce — increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, fewer accidents, enhanced morale, lower health care costs, and best of all, improved quality of life.

                                                                                            We provide a huge variety of wellness tools — from seminars and                                                                                                             workshops to turn-key programs and resources. These include clinical                                                                                                     health evaluation and risk analysis and management. Our goal is to help                                                                                                   you design the most effective wellness program to improve your                                                                                                              employees’ lives and reduce your organization’s health care costs.

                                                                                           Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution and it is something that should be                                                                                            carefully designed with your population and objectives in mind. We have                                                                                                  the ability to partner with trainers and fitness clubs in your area to                                                                                                            maximize your program.  These actions will immediately take action on the rising healthcare costs and lower the claims history on your plan.  So, whether you’re ready to take your existing program to the next level, or just taking the first steps into implementation we can be with you every step of the way.  Join Financial Solutions in a program today and begin to see the difference in the wellness and morale of your staff.  



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